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SISTAR ★ !!!
Now something about my favorite girls lately '^^ 
SISTAR is BACK ! ㅋㅋㅋ *wave~wave*  

Lately so many girls bands debuted...I have a headache when I think about it >.< DalShabet, Girl's Day, Chi Chi, Brave Girls, Blady ~I know that I miss some, but forget me, I don't have a clue now '^^ seriously, seeing their previews I never expect something great '^^ lately only CHI CHI with "Longer" surprised me a little :) maybe I mentioned this before, but I rather don't like too much cute girls '^^ I prefer sexy girls xD this "cute" concept was good & fresh in "Gee" or "Tell me" times '^^ now it's just boring for me...
so maybe that's why I love SISTAR xD they don't try to be too cute...I mean, we are getting older and we can't be cute forever ~all the time, in every sense, during all activities bla bla bla :) every girl have to change to woman ~but not ahjumma please! :) would be nice if it was a sexy woman xD I think that it's my time to be more woman than girl ~oh really? I hope that not all the time xD so SISTAR with their sexy concepts suits to me better :D
Back to the album review...from intro to the last song...I like it! xD well, it's nothing special about individual songs, I just like all songs at this moment ~I listened it 5 times so far...maybe "Oh baby" gets me more ~sweet song, like "Ma boy"...me like it ㅋㅋㅋ  xD album contains previous SISTAR hits ~"How Dare You", "Shady boy", "Push push" and sepcial version of "Ma boy"...but for me it's good...I'm not a SISTAR big fan ~just a small fan '^^ so if I buy this album I'll have all great songs in one...and I plans to buy this album ha! so I'm happy with this fact xD 
SISTAR the first album SO COOL [2011.08.09]

01 Let's get the party started
02 SO COOL (쏘쿨)
03 Girls do it
04 Follow me
05 New world
06 약한 남자 싫어
07 니까짓게
08 Over
09 Oh Baby
10 가식걸
11 PUSH PUSH (푸시 푸시)
12 MA BOY (Special ver.)

DL @bestficion
Buy @Yesasia
And at the end...girls power :)

Seducers from Teen Top...
Long ago I was going to write about this comeback, but then lj still refused to obey...he pulled down my two completed entries ;____; I was thinking that I'll kill somebody! but...It seems that everything's okay now, so I can safely write about these naughty boys :D

First of all, this is song that me & my friend M. like the most xD bcuz it's about us ㅋㅋㅋ ~yep, we are pedonoons  & we are proud about it! xD ......gee, we are older than most of  k-idols '^^  this is a little sad fact uhuhuhu.......>.<
Anyway xD I always believed that Teen Top have the right potential ~ to make good polite girls like us to some scary pedonoonas xD ekhm...I think that everything in MV & promo song "Don't spray perfume" is ideal...I mean, what do you want more? young fresh boy is winked to you so many times ~Chunji is the Master in this area xD sexy noona like Park Si Yeon ~almost Miss Korea in 2000~ can not live without him '^^ perfect! it brings hope to all pedonoonas in this world xD I like this concept...no more young girls sigh for ma boys xD
Other songs on the album are also good...well, maybe "Beautiful girl" is a little boring for me, but "First kiss" is sooooo hot song xD it has that  atmosphere from old r'n'b songs from US & I like rap parts in this song :) L.Joe & CAP showed us their great skills :) during "손등이 스친다" I fell like....Christmas are coming soon ~it's to slow for me xD but then "Tell me why" revived me again '^^

Teen Top's mini album ROMAN [20110726]

01 향수 뿌리지마
02 Beautiful Girl
03 First Kiss
04 손등이 스친다
05 Tell me why
06 향수 뿌리지마 (Inst.)

DL @bestfiction
Buy it @Yesasia

SO TRUE !!! >.<

kyaaaaa!~~ my new k-albums !

Yep, new arrivals from YesAsia :D

1 . Block B : New Kids on the Block
~ awesome photobook ! surprisingly high quality images, white background makes it more visible and clear :) totally cute photos of Block B's boys :) worth buying, not only for great songs, but for cute photos too '^^

2. 2pm : Hands Up
~ great photobook too xD personally, I like this photobook the most from all other 2pm's photobooks '^^ it's different from Block B, colors black and red, 2pm boys are more sexy and mature here :)

3. MBLAQ : Your Luv [JPN single]
~ I think I wont buy JPN releases  :( why it's so weak? ;____; I mean...I love MBLAQ, I love "Your luv" song, but I'm disappointed with this release...traditional plastic packaging, only one photo of each member & my edition was with Mir's card >.< well, Mir is OK & he looks nice on this pic but you all know that I prefer Cheon Doong ;( if I was not a big fan and strong A+, I would have not bought this single ever >.<

I order it a moment before "Mona Lisa" was released...So now I'll order "Mona Lisa" and Beast's "Fact & Fiction" soon :)

be mine infinite <3
Next come back which I expected a lot...and I think that I'm not disappointed :) even if it is not 100% what I want from these boys... '^^  
I saw new video and I heard the song a few days ago, but then I wondered whether I like it...but after several hearings I found "Be mine" catchy  :) 

I see that Infinite stick to one style which makes me think of their new songs: oh! this is so...infinitish... '^^ that's not bad, but in "Be mine" I miss some change...previous "Nothing's over" surprised me with funny MV and really cute image of boys...also other songs on that single was nice...unfortunately, I can't say this about this mini album :( I thought after first listened: it's...weird...xD
A few songs that I like ~except "Be mine" which is the best out of this:"Julia", "Amazing", "Crying (Infinite H feat. Baby Soul)" & last "Real Story". I don't liked any songs after the first listen, but I give them chance & heard a few times more. I liked especially  "Crying". Thanks to Dong Woo and Hoya's amazing rap and this delicate female voice this song reminds me a little "Umbrella" from Epik High and Younha.
I'm glad that boys could make a solo songs. Woo Hyun's solo song is beautiful, but not in my style ~I'm not in to ballads '^^ Sung Gyu's song is more 'lively' which I liked more.
Summarizing...good come back, but I want something better in the future boys ;) I'll listen to this album a few more times to better understand thsese songs and maybe even get to like all '^^

Infinite 1st album OVER THE TOP [2011.07.21]

02 내꺼하자 ♥
03 3분의1
04 Tic Toc
05 Julia
06 Because (Sungkyu Solo)
07 시간아 (Woohyun Solo)
08 Amazing
09 Crying (Infinite H feat. Baby soul) ♥
10 Real Story

DL @bestfiction
Buy it ~it's worth the money~ @Yesasia

chi chi...big girls now?
I was already going to lie down to sleep, looking through recent articles on allkpop...
I do not read all the articles, there are too many & too much bla bla bla sometimes...so I don't know how I ended listening to Chi Chi's new song "Longer" '^^ I was thinking yeah, it'll be definitely something like “Don’t Play Around“, which at the beginning I hated but I loved at the end xD so what is this, may I ask?   xD

It doesn't sounds like Chi Chi at all...more like Rainbow...Rainbow started from "Gossip Girl", which is a cute, monothematic song just like "Don't play around"...it's me only seeing this likeness? '^^ well, I like this new Chi Chi better, as I like Rainbow too :D I can't wait for a live perf and full single/album or something *excited* :D now I listen to "Longer" over and over :)))
Please more songs like that ! xD
Chi Chi Longer [2011.07.21]

01 Longer
02 Longer (Acoustic ver.)
03 Longer (Remix ver.)

You can DL it @bestfiction !
and buy it later :)


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